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Browser Extension: Tube Archivist Companion

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Core functionality

  • Subscribe to your favorite YouTube channels
  • Download Videos
  • Index and make videos searchable
  • Play videos
  • Keep track of viewed and unviewed videos

Problem Description

Once your YouTube video collection grows, it becomes hard to search and find a specific video. That's where Tube Archivist comes in: By indexing your video collection with metadata from YouTube, you can organize, search and enjoy your archived YouTube videos without hassle offline through a convenient web interface.

Latest Release:

Requires your attention!

Release tag: v0.2.0

Release date: 2022-07-23

Breaking Changes

  • To validate from where the interface can be accessed, a new environment variable is required. Set TA_HOST to your hostname or IP, Link.
  • Tube Archivist now depends on Elasticsearch version 8, Link.
  • For peace of mind, make a manual backup before starting the update.
  • If you are using bbilly1/tubearchivist-es you will automatically get the recommended and tested version, else set your tag to 8.3.2 when using official Elasticsearch.
  • If you have been using the recommended version 7.17 before, Elasticsearch will take care of the internal upgrade automatically.
  • This will break backwards compatibility, you won’t be able to downgrade to ES7 - at least not easily.
  • Be patient, the migration can take a few minutes.


  • Added validation from where this application can be served with the TA_HOST environment variable, improving security.
  • Added authentication for all static user generated files such as thumbnails and media files:
  • This might have a hopefully neglectable performance impact when using a big archive page size.
  • But these improved validations gives the confidence to remove the security notification from the known limitations.
  • Added keyword based search and filter for all your queries.
  • Added full text search over all your indexed subtitles.
  • As documented in the wiki.


  • Changed the channel detail page into multiple subpages, based on the mockup by @pairofcrocs
  • Video page: Showing all videos from this channel
  • Playlist page: Showing all playlists from this channel
  • About page: Additional metadata and channel configuration form
  • As documented in the wiki.
  • Changed internal media file move functions shutil.move for better compatibility for some platforms, #268 by @p0358
  • Changed descriptions to show a few lines as preview, #269 by @p0358
  • Changed backup task to write page by page for better performance for big indexes but slightly slower for small indexes.
  • Changed backup zip file to only include relevant json files to restore for better performance for big indexes.
  • Changed video download cache naming structure, fixing filename sanitation issue.
  • Changed download progress message to use full video title instead of filename, #271


  • Fixed reindex task, deactivating non existing channels
  • Fixed webkit fullscreen scaling issue, #264 by @samdoshi
  • Fixed cookie import validator from browser extension, #266
  • Fixed nginx user permission error for some platforms, #268 by @p0358