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Browser Extension: Tube Archivist Companion

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Core functionality

  • Subscribe to your favorite YouTube channels
  • Download Videos
  • Index and make videos searchable
  • Play videos
  • Keep track of viewed and unviewed videos

Problem Description

Once your YouTube video collection grows, it becomes hard to search and find a specific video. That's where Tube Archivist comes in: By indexing your video collection with metadata from YouTube, you can organize, search and enjoy your archived YouTube videos without hassle offline through a convenient web interface.

Latest Release:

Release tag: v0.3.0

Release date: 2022-11-30

Project updates

  • The browser extension Tube Archivist Companion got a major update, basically a rewrite to v0.1.0, now injecting buttons directly into the YouTube page, making this much more user friendly.
  • Tube Archivist now takes system snapshots instead of json file backups for mapping changes. Make sure to activate snapshot first before updating, particularly for large indexes, to avoid a lengthy delay at first start after the update, wiki.
  • Your video and channel indexes will automatically get updated at startup to take the new mapping changes, and a new index to hold the comments will be created.
  • If you are setting your version for Elasticsearch manually, that would be a good time to update to 8.5.1, if you are using archivist-es, you'll get the update automatically to take advantage of some improvements there.


  • Added comments archiving, wiki
  • API: Added endpoints for comments management, docs
  • Added tag cloud to video page, wiki
  • Added similar videos on video page, wiki
  • API: Added endpoint for similar videos, docs
  • Added startup cleanup function deleting leftover partial video files from cache/downloads
  • Added podman installation instructions, by @redxtech, wiki


  • Changed mapping or settings update in index now triggers a snapshot instead of a json file backup, if enabled
  • Changed video page template to better integrate the inline player for similar videos
  • Changed inconsistent thumbnail path building from API template
  • Changed wording for scheduler frequency, #358
  • Changed potential pitfalls section to common errors, readme


  • Fixed channel deactivation error
  • Fixed channel reindex not triggering due to a mapping error in channel_last_refresh
  • Fixed playlist deactivation error
  • Fixed error deactivating a not set configuration, #362