Your self hosted YouTube media server


Core functionality

  • Subscribe to your favorite YouTube channels
  • Download Videos
  • Index and make videos searchable
  • Play videos
  • Keep track of viewed and unviewed videos

Problem Description

Once your YouTube video collection grows, it becomes hard to search and find a specific video. That's where Tube Archivist comes in: By indexing your video collection with metadata from YouTube, you can organize, search and enjoy your archived YouTube videos without hassle offline through a convenient web interface.

Latest Release:

Release tag: v0.1.5

Release date: 2022-05-08

Project updates


  • Added cookie import, wiki
  • API: added pagination for list views
  • API: added sort and query filter in download view
  • API: added run task view


  • API: handle 404 in list views


  • Fixed arm64 build error, #234 #240
  • Fixed holding on to previous Sponsorblock timestamps, shout out to @n8detar
  • Fixed channel validation error when subscribing to playlist, #223
  • Fixed error for thumbnail re-embedding task, #231
  • Fixed autodelete error creating malformed requests to ES, #217
  • Fixed reindex error when channel name has changed on YT, #211
  • Fixed premium trailer videos video id mismatch, #237
  • Fixed timeout issue with yt-dlp check-format interrupting the UI