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Project Documentation


Core functionality

  • Subscribe to your favorite YouTube channels
  • Download Videos
  • Index and make videos searchable
  • Play videos
  • Keep track of viewed and unviewed videos

Problem Description

Once your YouTube video collection grows, it becomes hard to search and find a specific video. That's where Tube Archivist comes in: By indexing your video collection with metadata from YouTube, you can organize, search and enjoy your archived YouTube videos without hassle offline through a convenient web interface.

Latest Release:

Release tag: v0.4.4

Release date: 2023-11-21

Project Updates

  • This fixes various mapping problems, triggering a rebuild of the ta_video and ta_playlist index
  • As always, this should be mostly automatic, if not see here.
  • This fixes an unfortunate problem where the periodic refresh task wouldn't add outdated videos


  • Added additional sort by duration and file size, #559, by @spechter
  • Added fallback handling for missing keys in manual import, #581, by @lamusmaser
  • Added additional tiles to the dashboard, changed dashboard layout
  • [API] Added video stats endpoint
  • [API] Added channel stats endpoint
  • [API] Added playlist stats endpoint
  • [API] Added download stats endpoint


  • [API] Removed previous /api/stats/primary/ endpoint in favor of more detailed dedicated endpoints
  • Changed footer text alignment, by @derekslenk


  • Fixed query not matching outdated documents for reindex
  • Fixed reindex outdated pagination error
  • Fixed comment extraction for members only videos not passing cookie correctly, #596
  • Fixed auto delete watched on new blank index without watched videos, #592
  • Fixed mapping problem for some playlists, #605
  • Fixed various spelling errors on settings pages, by @pairofcrocs