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Browser Extension: Tube Archivist Companion

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Project Documentation


Core functionality

  • Subscribe to your favorite YouTube channels
  • Download Videos
  • Index and make videos searchable
  • Play videos
  • Keep track of viewed and unviewed videos

Problem Description

Once your YouTube video collection grows, it becomes hard to search and find a specific video. That's where Tube Archivist comes in: By indexing your video collection with metadata from YouTube, you can organize, search and enjoy your archived YouTube videos without hassle offline through a convenient web interface.

Latest Release:

Release tag: v0.4.7

Release date: 2024-04-10

Project Updates

  • This will trigger a playlist migration in ElasticSearch, adding a playlist_type field. As always that happens at first start and should be automatic.
  • This updates yt-dlp to the latest release. After a change on YT, comment extraction needs to be modified, that is tracked here. Please be patient.


  • Added user created custom playlists, by @greg321321, docs and docs
  • Added better error message for cookie errors, by @Gentoli


  • Changed disable video autoplay on the video detail page to avoid too many continue watching items.
  • Changed first watch progress is now only sent after 10 seconds to avoid too many continue watching items.


  • Fixed failed empty subtitle return from YT, #663
  • Fixed empty comment author return for some old comments, by @dot-mike
  • Fixed edge cases for failed channel title building
  • Fixed download progress bar for very small videos, by guarantee sending 100% progress
  • Fixed download progress messages getting called multiple times in DOM
  • Fixed failed legacy channel migration trigger by removing ta_migpath from startup, #687